Discover the secrets of Vrbnik’s cuisine and enjoy the fine wine selection!

Vrbnik is a place of contrasts that complement each other perfectly. A town of literature and wine, spirituality and hedonism, hard-working common folks and well-respected intellectuals. To refer to it as a town sounds pretentious, but our ancestors always called it that way. Even though they have worked their fields as a main source of existence, they pursued cultural accomplishments even outside the boundaries of our Golden Island. The Vrbnik just described provides an opportunity for a multifaceted experience from exploring traces of its past and traditions to hedonistic pleasures for gourmets and lovers of quality wines. This is precisely the mission of the constantly growing number of Vrbnik entrepreneurs, mostly wine growers, winemakers and caterers; to provide a quality product and an unforgettable experience. In the menus of the Vrbnik's restaurants and taverns you can choose between original local dishes and creative gastronomic delicacies, and pair them with the fine žlahtina and other wines of Vrbnik’s wineries. And why not have a glass of sparkling wine that matures on the sea floor or craft Žlahtno beer or brandies flavoured with domestic honey, walnut and sage?