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KRK BIKE STORY – AUTUMN (7 – 8 October, 2023)

Vrbnik, Dobrinj, Omišalj & Malinska

The second chapter of our two-day cycling story takes us to the northern part of the island of Krk. On the second weekend of October, you will get to feast your eyes on the beautiful sites of Vrbnik, Dobrinj, Omišalj and Malinska.

Our adventure starts from Vrbnik, the birthplace of Glagolitic culture and superb wine. On a pleasant ride through the island’s north-eastern coast we will see the ruins of an ancient church by St Marek Cove, and learn all about the benefits of the former saltworks and therapeutic mud in Soline Cove. While the Dobrinjština area will impress you with a stunning view of the Kvarner Gulf and the mountain peaks of Gorski kotar, a visit to the Gradec Castle will be a great opportunity to learn about the famous Frankopan Counts of Krk. Before returning to Vrbnik, we will pass through the wine-growing valley, the home of the golden Vrbnik Žlahtina wine, and enjoy a glass or two over lunch at the end of our day’s ride.

The next morning starts with a tour of the charming Mediterranean villages and takes us to Omišalj, a quaint town of impressive history, before we head off to Rudine to explore the island’s underground treasure – Biserujka Cave. Once we get to Malinska you will hear all about the history of Dubašnica, and learn some interesting things about traditional shipbuilding at the DUBoak Maritime Heritage Interpretation Centre. One of the most beautiful coastal trails will lead us to Njivice, and finally to Omišalj.

Both tours are intended for active mountain bikers and anyone ready to tackle about 40 km of trails, with an ascent of up to 700 m.

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