The Chapel of St Anthony of Padua is across the street from the parish house on the street that connects the focal squares of Vrbnik, Škujica and Placa. In 1671 it was built and endowed with an estate by the following priests from Vrbnik: Šimun Matanić, Ivan Cvečić, Nikola Fugošić and Juraj Volarić. They stated in their will that the patronage of the chapel belongs to their kin for five generations, and afterwards it passes to the Brotherhood of St Anthony of Padua. On the altar there is a painting of St Anthony of Padua and the newer marble altar donated by Janja Pavan. The walls are adorned with paintings by the local painter Ivan Volarić Piturić from 1898 entitled the Miracles of St Anthony. In front of the chapel is a loggia and the church bell was purchased in Maribor in 1923.